Corn Poblano Chowder

Fresh corn, spicy poblanos, smoky bacon, and tender shrimp in a creamy broth. Chowder comes in many different varieties: Manhattan or New England, seafood or vegetable, thin or thick. It is also a dish that people have become very passionate about. Thus, creating strong ideas of what defines a chowder. I am also passionate about […]

Duck Ramen

Pulled duck in spiced duck stock with poached shiitake and soft-cooked eggs. Stocks and soups are a great way to utilize leftover bones. This duck ramen is an excellent example. Not only does it use the bones to make a flavorful broth but, also, the hard to remove meat that remains on the carcass. Asian […]

Oxtail Wonton Soup

Scratch-made braised oxtail wontons, in a savory beef broth, with tender bok choy, slivered carrot, and fresh green onion. There is just something about wonton soup. The flavorful broth, tender noodles, and childhood memories! For me, it is total comfort food. For this recipe, the oxtails pull double duty. The liquid from braising the oxtails […]