Individual Baked Brie

Mini-baked brie with caramelized balsamic onions, poached pear, and candied walnuts. Personal-sized brie topped with caramelized onions, baked in flakey puff pastry, garnished with poached bosc pear, and brown sugar balsamic walnuts. This recipe has a lot of steps. Below are some tips that will hopefully make the process easier. Poaching pears is easy, but […]

Chicken with White Wine (Coq au Vin Blanc)

Chicken braised with white wine and served in braised vegetable sauce. Coq au vin is a classic French dish made by braising chicken in wine. Traditionally it is made with red wine, but for this recipe, I went with white. I used a whole chicken that I broke down for this dish. If cutting up […]

Plum Citrus Salad

Plums, cara cara oranges, blood oranges, bosc pears, and gala apples mixed with a citrus sherry dressing. This salad is a colorful mélange of delicately flavored fruits, with hints of pepper and sherry. I am ending this week’s series of plum posts with a simple fruit salad recipe. Just because it is simple doesn’t mean […]

Plum Frangipane Tarts

Flakey puff pastry filled with fresh plums, frangipane, and glazed with thyme-infused honey. These delicious little pastries are not overly sweet with buttery puff pastry and delicate flavors of plum, frangipane, and thyme honey. Frangipane is one of those things you either love or you don’t know about. Thankfully I know about it because it […]

Pork Tenderloin with Roasted Plum Sauce

Oven-roasted pork tenderloin and plums, with a spiced orange plum sauce. Pork tenderloin and roasted plums with a spiced soy-based sauce, loaded with citrusy flavors from the Timut pepper, ginger, and Cara Cara orange. This recipe is simple, but it has two ingredients that can be hard to come by, Shaoxing wine and Timut pepper. […]

Plum Gin and Tonic

Plum, thyme, and orange infused gin and tonic. I’m getting plum crazy this week with a few posts inspired by the beautiful color and delicate flavor of plums. My first inspiration was for this refreshing summer cocktail. Gin and tonics are light and fizzy on their own. But with the sweetness of the plums, this […]

Fluffernutter Millionaire’s Shortbread

Peanut butter caramel, homemade marshmallow, chocolate ganache, and toasted peanuts layered on top of a buttery shortbread cookie crust. Today I am taking two of my childhood favorites, fluffernutter and millionaire’s shortbread (a.k.a. Twix), and combining them into one decadently rich treat. All of the recipes below are fairly simple to make, and if followed […]

Mustard and Herb Crusted Lamb Leg

Dijon mustard and fresh herb roasted lamb leg with oregano lemon chimichurri. This roasted lamb leg has lots of bright spring flavors with its fresh herbs, lemon, and Dijon and is perfectly portioned for two. If you would like to learn how to fillet a roast, check out my post for stuffed pork loin. The […]

Asparagus Pea Salad

Asparagus, peas, and pea-shoots with shaved red radish, marinated feta, and lemon herb vinaigrette. This salad is all about fresh spring vegetables, tender garden herbs, bright citrus, and the salty richness of the feta. I begin this salad by marinating the feta. The directions say to marinate it at least 30 minutes before, but a […]

French Onion Hand Pies

Golden butter pastry filled with fresh thyme and sherry caramelized onions, and provolone cheese. This recipe has all of the cheese and flavor of French onion soup, baked in tasty little hand pie. French onion soup is a classic dish made of caramelized onions, beef stock, fortified wine, croutons, and cheese. This recipe takes those […]


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