Roasted Pumpkin with Pea Pesto

Roasted kabocha pumpkin, whipped ricotta, crisp prosciutto, sweet pea pesto, and toasted pumpkin seeds. I originally intended this dish to be vegetarian. But like so many other dishes, during its evolution, crispy cured pork just seemed like the perfect addition. That doesn’t mean this dish will be bad without it, quite the contrary. It’s delicious […]

Zucchini Salad with Herb Goat Cheese

Farmer’s market zucchini and squash threads, crisp sunflowers sprouts, fresh herbed goat cheese, sunflower seeds for an earthy crunch, and a tangy olive, lemon vinaigrette. It seems like everyone at the farmers market is selling zucchini. It’s everywhere. And now it’s in my kitchen along with some beautiful sunflower sprouts that caught my eye. Just […]