Hawaiian Summer

Pineapple rum, fresh mango puree, coconut water, li hing mui, and a splash of coconut milk. Summer calls for fruity cocktails utilizing the season’s best fruit and some locally crafted spirits. Since it’s mango season, I thought a fun summer cocktail would be the perfect use for the season’s abundance. I used fresh mangos to […]

Duck Breast with Corn Risotto

Black pepper and coriander seared duck breast with sweet corn risotto and pickled corn relish. When you hear duck and risotto, you don’t necessarily think light and fresh. You probably think rich and heavy. But, this recipe adds bright, fresh flavors to balance the richness, making it a light summery dish. Before cooking the duck […]

Mango Cake

Mango vanilla cake layers with fresh mango filling and mango buttercream. This cake is packed with mango. Fresh mango is baked into the cake and fills the center, freeze-dried mango flavors the buttercream frosting, and dried candied mango garnishes the top. The cake’s layers are tender and fluffy in texture. To create this texture, I […]