Shrimp Cavatelli

Homemade cavatelli pasta, pumpkin ancho cream sauce, smoky garlic shrimp, and shaved manchego. Cavatelli is an Italian pasta made from eggless semolina dough. The dough is rolled into an oblong bun shape, often using a grooved board. The cavatelli for this dish is made with a mix of flour and semolina. I tried to keep […]

Braised Oxtail Ragu and Breadfruit Pappardelle

Richly sauced bourbon braised oxtails served over a slightly sweet breadfruit pappardelle. Breadfruit is a fruit produced from a tree similar to jackfruit. It has a rough green outer skin and a large seed in the middle. Even though it is technically a fruit, breadfruit is only slightly sweet and very starchy. It is often […]

Broccoli Pesto Pasta with Whipped Feta

Broccoli pesto pasta…sounds healthy! Well, not exactly. If you are looking for a hearty pasta dish that sneaks in some veggies, this may be for you. This pasta is made with Italian sausage, two kinds of cheese, and just a little bit of butter. Oh yeah, there’s broccoli pesto too. I like to pre-chop my […]