Kimchi Shrimp Bao Buns

Sautéed shrimp, cucumber-carrot kimchi, teriyaki glaze, and fluffy steamed bao buns. Bao or baozi is a type of Chinese yeast-leavened bun. The dough for these buns can be baked or steamed, wrapped around a filling, or rolled and folded over like this recipe. Filling for bao buns varies greatly. In China, char sui pork, sweet […]

Bourbon Cherry Chocolate Cake

Bourbon chocolate cake, cherry bourbon filling, chocolate ganache, and fresh cherries. Indulge in this rich chocolate cake with its sweet dark cherry filling, creamy chocolate ganache, and bright, fresh cherry garnish. A delicious way to start the new year! Ganache First layer with the filling Cake with ganache This cake has a spreadable chocolate ganache […]

Olive Stuffed Sausage Balls

Chorizo spiced sausage mixed with manchego cheese and wrapped around manchego stuffed Castelvetrano olives. These are a dressed-up version of classic sausage balls. With the briny olives, salty cheese, and spicy sausage, these balls are the perfect appetizer to serve with martinis or red wine. Making these olive stuffed sausage balls isn’t much different than […]