Coconut Caramel Corn

Natural popcorn, macadamia nuts, and toasted coconut coated with coconut caramel candy. Last year I added caramel corn to my goodie gift boxes for the first time. It was met with such a positive response that I couldn’t help but include it again this year. Making caramel corn seems really simple. You just pop some […]

Peppermint Chocolate Meringue Cookies

Crisp peppermint-flavored meringue baked with chocolate chunks and peppermint candy. I started making meringue cookies for the holidays because I wanted to use up leftover egg whites from eggnog. Every year I switch up the flavors, and this year I chose to use chocolate and peppermint. These cookies are light and crisp, like eating a […]

Cinnamon Mocha Sandwich Cookies

Soft chocolate cookies dusted with cinnamon and sugar, and filled with chocolate coffee ganache. The idea for these cookies came to me while I was thinking about snickerdoodles. The cinnamon sugar is perfect for the holidays, but I wanted a cookie with a little more pizazz. But what to add to them? Coffee and chocolate, […]