Garden Green Bean Salad

Tender green beans with cherry tomatoes, shaved carrot, radish, cucumbers, and broccoli spring onion pesto. This is a yummy summer salad loaded with fresh from the garden veggies. The pesto for this dish is made with raw broccoli and spring onions. I chopped them by hand, but a food processor will save you some time. […]

Cured Salmon Sandwich Cake (Smorgastarta)

Pumpernickel bread layered with cured salmon, egg salad, and marinated cucumbers, frosted with goat cheese icing, and garnished with fresh herbs and vegetables. Smorgastarta is a Swedish layered sandwich dressed up like a cake. This recipe uses a mixture of goat and cream cheese for the icing, cured salmon, egg salad, and marinated cucumbers as […]